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We meet by appointment, we discuss your preferences, we come,  we cook, we serve, we clean up, you enjoy!

Private Cooking

We make an appointment with you at your place, where we discuss the menu options, your food preferences,personal taste, food allergies etc. An important step in order to design the right menu for your occasion. We then check your available kitchen equipment in order to know if we need to carry something extra on the cooking day.

Next, before our organized cooking date, we move on to grocery shopping, selecting only the freshest local

materials and ensuring top quality in all of our ingredients!

On the set time and date, we come and cook for you in your House/Villa/Yacht's kitchen, or in any other place you select whether indoors or outdoors! (provided that we can set up the basic cooking utensils).

We set the table and serve the food on the table and we stay at the place (unless otherwise discussed) until you are finished, in order to serve you the desert* and collect the dishes.

We take care of cleaning everything afterwards and leave your kitchen clean and tidy!

*Deserts are an extra service and are bought from a partner pastry chef.




Breathtaking outdoor locations, magical table setting, great food experience, unforgettable memories!

Outdoor Adventures

Are you a nature as well as a food lover? We've got you covered!

We organize outdoor cooking*, whether it is a pic-nic or a full meal! You can choose one of our proposed locations or let us surprise you with some secret places that will only be revealed when you arrive to eat!

*Any outdoor locations are possible, provided that they have access to electricity, running water and wc.



(breakfast edition)

Fun dough making activities with your kids! They help make the bread and other dough based delicacies and get to enjoy it in a lovely breakfast table!

Kids Events

Let your kids play with us by learning how to make dough and bake their own bread for a most healthy breakfast!

Fun playtime, learning and healthy eating!



Local, high quality meat, veggies, bread on the coals! Leave your barbecue to us and enjoy your beer!


Local high quality meat or anything you desire on the coals! 

We provide the coals and can also provide a portable BBQ if needed.



Your party? Event? Relaxing full-moon night by the pool? A romantic weekend? A boat trip? We can enhance it with great drinks and cocktails!


All drinks, classic cocktails plus our signature cocktails with marmalade and purees made by seasonal ingredients! 

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